In the summer of 2014 Black Core approached world renowned California surf artist Drew Brophy to create a collaboration project like no other. We were excited to welcome Drew on board and it was a unique project for him as he had never agreed to do a collaboration before. The piece was to mix the bold colours and stand out style of Drew’s surf art with the ornate skulls that have become Paul Crabtree’s signature.

The result was incredible and RADIOACTIVE sold out in the US within weeks of release.

See what Drew has to say about the project here –

You can see how the project evolved below as well as the final piece. Radioactive is still available in the UK in a limited edition of 25 hand signed pieces through our online shop or at Urban Soup Gallery, Tunbridge Wells, England.

View the promo release video here

We started with a blank skull and Drew’s piece ‘Galaxy Wave’. 


Paul then got to work ‘wrapping’ sections of Drew’s artwork around the skull……

White-&-Gold  Drew Brophy Black Core collaboration


As the pieces started to fit together the skull took on a life of it’s own!




The final image…..

RADIOACTIVE complete with the Black Core logo in the eye of the skull!



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