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2 responses to “Contact

  1. Hi

    Can you tell me how much the STARGAZER GENESIS print is and your frames what type are they because If I buy I want to paint them pink,is that possible to do?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Amber – thanks for getting in touch. Framed price is £395. They are limited editions of just 25 so very low print run and there are not many left. Each piece is professionally framed so may have a high protective finish on them (may not be suitable for painting). However I frame and produce each piece to order so perhaps we can find a plain wood frame that you could paint or you can provide a frame and paint it first. This will bring the cost down to about £250 to have it framed in your own frame! Let me know if that sounds OK 👍 Can I also ask how you found Black Core Studios? Paul

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